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amer ismail
Latest entry:aaa
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Latest entry:Thanksgiving & Raya Haji Celebration
Thanksgiving at Jum's house :) Raya at our house :) View this Fotopage entry
ni lah rumah I...
my pokcik
Latest entry:2nd Workshop
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ct ayusafura muzamil
Latest entry:raya 2009
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Alynn Saripuddin
Latest entry:Masjid Assyafaah, Singapore
Dear everyone, The last time I set foot on this very fotopage was in October 2008! Yes, ages ago. I am back though. Hope you enjoy my shots of Masjid Assyafaah, which I took during my visit to Singapore. It is a magnificent Masjid and I was amazed with the overall ambience. Lucky me, it was noon and the light couldn't have been more perfect. I also love the way the architect interprets the Masjid image. Definitely a must-visit. Salam. -alynn- View this Fotopage entry
Interior of Masjid Assyafaah
Liza Shereen
Latest entry:Street shot
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UnYs aRiN
Latest entry:her mind speaks...
what’s her heart says, with her mouth loyally shut… You've got the best of both worlds You're the kind of girl who can take down a man, And lift him back up again You are strong but you're needy, Humble but you're greedy And based on your body language, And shoddy cursive I've been reading Your style is quite selective, Though your mind is rather reckless Well I guess it just suggests That this is just what happiness is And what a beautiful mess this is It's like picking up trash ... View this Fotopage entry
fazilah ali
Latest entry:Another winter
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Mior Aizuddin
Latest entry:Mimy Ezura & Syahrul
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Shazlin Rahiman
Latest entry:::Niagara Winter::
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Kaoru Tada
Latest entry:New year wishes
Hi there, long time no entry. Just wanna wish u had a great Christmas and will have A Happy New Year! This is from my current project, a sustainable fishermens' shelter in Isle of Wight. You can enjoy catching fresh fish using a wild fishing net attached in the shelter then you will enjoy cooking and eating fresh fish there. Hope Isle of Wigh council likes my shelter. haha Kaoru xxx View this Fotopage entry
Rozita Hanis Jamalludin
Latest entry:Boikot Fotopages
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Matt Fox
Latest entry:Battle
Went to the Battle / Hastings area - very nice area! View this Fotopage entry
Newcastle bridges
munky prettyugly
Latest entry:sunset di bagan lalang
bersama chenta ke bagan lalang.amik gambaq sunset. View this Fotopage entry
Adzleen Mohmood
Latest entry:Meng'international'kan diri...hmm
assalamualaikum wbt... heboh kisah di KMB skang, ura ura nak mengolah balik program program yang ade kat college.. katanya, kebanyakan program yang ada kurang 'menginternationalkan' pelajar... lebih meletakkan pelajar dibawah tempurung... terutamanya program program yang berbentuk agama... :-S :-S :-S :-S so here i list down my international involvement after 4 years in Ireland.. 1) involving & organizing 4 times Islamic Awareness week (including once Islamic awareness month) 2004-2007 ... View this Fotopage entry
WebgrrLs Photos
Latest entry:im back..
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opening agapanthus
Ahmad Fakhrul Rozy
Latest entry:Graduasi Chuck!
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fazira fadzil
Latest entry:pindah
sy pun nk pindah jugak! ke mana? entahlah. tapi mesti pindah! View this Fotopage entry
jazmina dan adi duet minum susu botol :P
sofea shima
Latest entry:kenangan di bogor
Erwin... teman yang baik di jakarta telah membawa aku, leila & jesse menghirup udara Bogor. Kenangan indah sempat berfoto di Gumati... sempat makan² bareng agus, Diaz & Erwin.. Indah tempat ini... View this Fotopage entry
harris har
Latest entry:Port Dickson Trip..
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Going backk!
Pls be informed that I no longer maintain this fotoblog. For my latest work, please browse my portfolio at View this Fotopage entry
All the VIP's
anis safiee
Latest entry:Sir Thomas & Lady Dixon Park, Belfast
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abbas gonjrong
Latest entry:aksi hotel terlampau..
aksi yg akan dipertontonkan ini adalah mengenai pelajar² yg terlampau..walaupun begitu ia hanya mengandungi aksi lucah yg super minimum..jd usah risau kerana anda xakan ditangkap polis..silakan ya!! :lol_teethfull: View this Fotopage entry
Syed Imran
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Shaliza Mokhtar
Latest entry:Hello & Goodbye
I've compiled my works at which will be updated from time to time. Thank you so much visitors, it has been emotional. View this Fotopage entry

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